35/366 Wetbag tutorial

So here is my WETBAG TUTORIAL!!! And of course my picture(s) for the day of 2/4/12
But make sure you read the entire thing, I will change a few things the next time so just read it thoroughly for what I did, and also what I WILL do.

I started with just under 2yards of PUL (because they screwed up when cutting) And an entire cotton flat sheet for the outside, and an 18" zipper. PUL does not shrink so no need to prewash, but your outer fabric likely will so please prewash this!!!

I had to measure a bit differently than normal since my edges weren't straight, so I measured in multiple spots and just hoped it would be straight (it wasn't so I had to start over haha). At any rate, you want your PUL to be 18x19 when finished, so including about 1/2" seam allowance, you will want it to be 36x20"... You don't need to add any extra seam allowance on the top/bottom for hemming because PUL doesn't fray, so you don't have to hem the ends (yay for one less step)!  When measuring and cutting, measure one long strip of 36x20, when folding and pinning, you want the bottom of your bag to be the fold, so there will be no seams, holes, or otherwise leaky spots, at the bottom of the bag.

You will want to mark on the "wrong" side... aka the NOT shiny side. It should be the side that feels like actual fabric.

When pinning, make sure you pin at the very edge, you don't want your pins to be inside the sewing line, as they will create holes inside the bag.. useless! So pin up the sides, right sides together. (aka sticky sides, on the inside)

And sew! I sewed far enough inward that I just left the pins in as I sewed down each side. Again just wanting to make sure there were no unnecessary holes on the inside.

Wah-lah! A 

Here is my sheet. I measured the exact same on this except that you DO need a seam allowance on the top/bottom for hemming so measure and cut this piece at 38x20.. I may have actually cut it at 38x21"..

Pin up sides and sew, right sides together.

Turn your outer fabric right side out, leave your PUL right side in, place the PUL inside the outer fabric, pin it together at the top, again making sure you pin at the very edges (there will be an addendum to this later)

Because your "sticky" side will be on the machine, you may or may not have issues feeding it through. if you do, just set a piece of paper between the machine and the PUL, you can pull it off later.

Ahh if only I could sew straight lines lol

I pinned my zipper, right side down to the right side of the fabric (on one side, left the other side unpinned for now), sew it on, I then unzipped the zipper, and did the same on the other side.

ADDENDUM: You should actually sew the zipper between the PUL and outer fabric.. so yeah, next time it will look tons better! Right side of the zipper facing the outer fabric, wrong/under side facing the PUL.

Finished bag!

Before using this bag, make sure you wash in hot water and dry on med-high heat.

So my tutorial may not be the most clear and concise, it makes sense in my head lol. So contact me if you have any questions!

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