I have quite a few pictures to share today!
I went to Amanda Hocking's second book signing tonight. It was so great to see a friend doing so well. If you have not read her books, they are a MUST!
I was lucky enough to get a book signed, however it is signed for my sister in law. Hopefully some day I will go to another signing and get one for myself. I took a picture of this.. yup I'm a dork lol
Here is the original

And of course my edited version

And I hemmed up my other 2 pairs of jeans. I am REALLY enjoying not walking around looking like a damn hobo with jeans rolled up and still too long and holes in the back. Just sayin'!

And all 3 together :D

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M.I. said...

adorable! lol.

sureblake said...

Wow, Three whold pair. Me One pair...... I like the brightness of the edited Book signing.

jennbrissett said...

I feel like I need more jeans lol. And thanks momma

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