I am feeling completely uninspired today. And it shows with this skirt. I love the fabric but the way it fits, just bleh! And it's not long enough, I screwed up when cutting it. And I can't think of a damn thing else to take a picture of so today, you get to feel my complete lack of inspiration!

Anyone have any ideas on what to take pictures of? I am clearly lacking

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sureblake said...

The snow or lack there of.... A close up of a tree. an eye ball, an elbow, a foot....A childs hand in yours.... I could go on and oon.........

sureblake said...

How about some fringe on the bottom?

jennbrissett said...

There is some fringe on the bottom... All I can do at this point is make it shorter.. idk I think I will move on to other projects and think about this one later
Thanks for the ideas mom

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