So I actually took these photos at 12:07 Mon morning BUT the project I am showing was completed on the 8th so I am counting this.
My friend Tara who is super tall sent me this link. She knew she'd find someone to use it, and being 5ft tall I was just the perfect person for it!
It shows you how to hem your pants but still use the original hem, genius!

Here is my finished product

These look a little short to me BUT I have spent the last 27 years having to fold my pant legs up so what do I know! And I have sat in them, they don't ride up like high waters so I think they are good. The best part? These jeans are valued at over $100 (not what I paid!!) and I couldn't wear them even in heels without having to fold them up a little bit. Now I don't have to, and I don't have to wear heels haha. 
I intend on fixing the other few pairs of jeans I own. It will be so nice to not have holes in the bottom of my jeans from stepping on them and them dragging on the ground!

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M.I. said...

awesome. i need to do this to kyle's pa nts. he has shorter legs so he;s always stepping on the back of his jeans.

sureblake said...

they look great, you are good

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