Today my husband and I moved things around in the basement in anticipation of my new desk! Well not new, new to me. We were able to pick it up from my mom's tonight and this is my new set up (not finished but the majority of it is done)

The black drawers are full of fabric, the shelves have all the acrylic/non-wool yarn. The white drawers have wool in top drawer, fabric scraps middle drawer, and yarn scraps bottom drawer. The black drawers below that have not been dedicated to anything yet. Neither have the drawers in the desk. I know one of the top drawers will have all of my sewing supplies:scissors, thread, needles, etc. 
I am soo excited to have a specific place for all of my crafting stuff. The best part? The boys have a toy room off to the right of this so I can craft while they play!!

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sureblake said...

Very cool now you need to set up an iron safe area. and put a lock on the scissor, needle supply drawers.... Lov it.

jennbrissett said...

I have an ironing board so that should work. And good point on the drawer, will buy another lock for that

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