Crock pot Teriyaki Chicken

I used 3 md-lg skinless, boneless chicken breasts
For the sauce I used
3/4 a bottle of store brand (Hyvee) Teriyaki Sauce (that is all I had, any brand and a whole bottle will work just fine)
4Tbsp brown sugar
2Tbsp minced onions (dried because I hate crying, but you could use fresh)
1/2 Tbsp salt (I didn't know I had soy sauce, you can use either)
4 md sized garlic cloves, crushed
I filled the teriyaki bottle with water to help mix the sauce, after I mixed all the sauce ingredients together, I placed the frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot, covered with sauce, then added water until the chicken was covered (this is important, you do not want to burn the sauce). I let it cook on Low for 5 hours. As long as you add enough water though, you could let it cook all day if you need to. I paired it with these noodles minus the sesame oil (none in the house).

As a side note, my husband said if I butterflied the breasts, it would have had more flavor in the middle. But I am far too lazy to thaw them, cut them, then throw them together. Anything that does not require me to mess with uncooked meat is good in my book.

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sureblake said...

Hey, wait a miniute where is the picture for today???????????????????/

jennbrissett said...

In the post above this one lol. This was just a quick post. This blog is for ALL of my hobbies. :P

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